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        光電科學與工程學院學術報告:Light-matter interaction of extreme-dimensional materials

        報告題目:Light-matter interaction of extreme-dimensional materials

        人:Qiaoqiang Gan (University at Buffalo)





        The unprecedented ability of nanostructures to concentrate light into extreme dimensions is promising to develop new applications for enhanced light-matter interaction. In general, it is a grand challenge to manipulate light within extreme dimensions along both vertical and lateral dimensions. Along the vertical direction, there is a long-existing trade-off between optical absorption and thickness of active materials in most thin-film energy harvesting/conversion applications. Particularly, research on two-dimensional (2D) atomic crystals and Van der Waals heterostructures receives intense efforts, which is promising for the development of new functional electronic and optoelectronic energy efficient devices with the ultimately thin dimension along the vertical direction. However, due to their atomically thin nature, the optical absorption is inherently weak. On the other hand, along the lateral direction, it is also a grand challenge to break the classic diffraction limit, which was a long term target in many important areas including nanoscopic imaging, lithography, etc. In this talk, I will discuss our recent efforts to overcome these two grand challenges using new light-matter interaction strategies within extreme dimensions. We will aim to boost the weak light matter interaction of extreme-dimensional photonic materials along vertical and lateral dimensions and pave the way towards new applications and beyond.



        Dr. Qiaoqiang Gan is an Associate Professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering at University at Buffalo, The State University of New York. He received his PhD degree from Lehigh University in 2010. He is the recipient of Exceptional Young Investigator of University at Buffalo (2016) and the Senior Researcher of the Year 2017 of School of Engineering and Applied Science. He is the founder of Sunny Clean Water LLC (2017), a high-tech start-up company working on solar water purification technologies. His research publications include over 100 technical papers and 4 patents. He serves as the associate editor for IEEE Photonics Journal, J. of Photonics for Energy (SPIE) and Scientific Reports (NPG), and sub-committee chair of CLEO 2019-2020. He also served as a guest editor of special issues of Journal of Photonics for Energy (SPIE) on “Hot carrier generation” in 2016; Chinese Optics Letters (OSA) on “Metasurface” in 2018.


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