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        材料與化學化工學部:Designing thermally stable organocatalyst for plastic chemical re-cycling

        報告題目:Designing thermally stable organocatalyst for plastic chemical re-cycling

        報 告 人: Dr. Haritz SardonPOLYMAT, University of the Basque Country, Spain

        報告時間:716日(星期二)下午 400




        Nowadays, less than 8% of the polymers produced each year are recycled and most of them are mechanically recycled: grinding and melt-processing, to obtain a low-quality material that will also rapidly ends up as a waste. Besides mechanical recycling and pyrolysis, the final method and probably the most challenging one to date is the chemical recycling. The polymer is used as a starting reagent to generate high purity monomers using simple and efficient transformations. Specifically, from chemical depol-ymerisation innovative added-value building blocks could be synthesized to prepare highly add-ed value polymers (smart chemical recycling approach) from commodity polymers. Our work is focused in the implementation of plastic recycling principle in carbonyl containing polymers such as polyesters, polycarbonates and/or polyurethanes which account to the 25-30 % of the total plastic production.


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